The UI of My Personal Weather Station should be fairly self-explanatory, but in case you’re having trouble, here is how it works.

When you first launch My PW Station you will see an alert asking you to pick a favorite station by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Until you do this, the screen will remain somewhat empty (certainly there will be no weather data.)

The gear icon takes you to the Settings page which contains a couple of search elements and also has your current list of favorite personal weather stations.  Of course at first this list is empty so you’ll need to add some stations.  You can add a station in one of two ways, either by geo-location or by zip code.

To perform a geo-location look-up based on your current position, select “Click to geo-locate nearby stations.”  When you first select this method, you will be asked for permission to let the app know where you are.

Once you agree, you will see a lengthly list of stations (above) ranked in order based on distance from your location with the closest being at the top.  Select as many as you would like and then click on “Return to Settings.”  You will now see those selections in your favorites list.  They will be added in the order you select them.

The other available method for picking stations on the Settings Page is by zip code.  Just type the zip code you’re interested in and the app will return a similar station list at that location.

You can delete stations from your favorites list by swiping to the left and selecting delete.